Business Coaching

The following aspects describe our work as Business coaches:

  • Our Business coaching aims at the development of the potential and/ or the performance of people in leadership roles. This can be formal hierarchical leadership roles as well as leadership roles in e.g. project teams.
  • It supports the client ́s self-reflection of experiences and challenges in the day-to-day business life, taking into consideration the client ́s individual motives, values and preferences, as well as the company ́s culture and needs. Often it aims at developing the ability to take different perspectives on given situations, in order to enable clarity and solution oriented behaviours in an authentic manner.
  • The coaching process is focused around your goal(s), which will be outlined in a coaching contract with clearly defined targets. It will help us to keep focus throughout the coaching process.
  • The specific content of the coaching sessions is confidential.
  • A coaching session usually lasts 2 to 3 hours.
  • Depending on the specific goal(s) the coaching process involves approx. 6 sessions during a half year period.
  • In a nutshell: We support you in achieving your individual development goal(s) by acting as an appreciative “sparring partner”.

Examples for business coaching:

  • Onboarding and Transition Coaching, i.e. taking on a leadership position for the first time or moving into a new leadership position
  • Personality assessments and 360° Feedback Coaching (Hogan, LUXX Profile, MBTI, Reiss Profile, PI, etc.)
  • Leadership Coaching on specific development goals

„The meeting of two personalities is like a mixture of two different chemical bodies: If a connection occurs at all, both are changed.

C. G. Jung